Cheap Car Insurance in Macon, GA

Everyone would need car insurance but not everyone will make an effort to actually get it. If it is not required in the state that they are in, they may forego getting one. Cheap car insurance in Macon Georgia is important. This is not something that you can just ignore. You need to know what coverage you can get so that you will be completely protected when you start driving.

Macon is actually one of the places in the world wherein there are more females as compared to males. This explains why there are some men who would love to travel to this place. If you transfer to Macon, you definitely need cheap car insurance in Macon GA. How are you going to pick the right one with the wide array of car insurance companies and policies available?

Macon Car Insurance Information

Are you completely aware of the various details you need to get the right car insurance? If you still need to get important information, then do not worry. You are bound to find the details that you need about Macon and how it compares to the car insurance that are offered in other states.

Based on the table, we can see that Macon has a higher insurance rate than some of the places Georgia. Still, it has lower rates than the average insurance rate of other states. Georgia is known to be one of the states that can provide the cheapest car insurance. This does not mean that you will not get the best coverage.

The best thing that you can do is to check out the different insurance companies in Macon that offer car insurance policies. Check out the coverage of their different policies that are offered by insurance companies before making the best choice.


A lot of people dread the time that they are going to spend looking for the different car insurance companies that are available. This should not be a problem when you know the top 10 companies that can offer the cheapest rates. Are you ready to get to know these car insurance companies more? Check out the table below to see the rates that they can offer.

The rates of the car insurance companies that are being offered in Macon have actually increased over the years. This may also be due to the ever changing needs of the people from the city of Macon. It is known to be the heart of Georgia and it is heavily populated as compared to the other cities.

People who have already gotten their car insurance from their chosen car insurance company are lucky because they would probably get discounts from their car insurance company. Those who would get car insurance for the first time may have higher rates. The more that they can prove that they are good drivers, the better their rates are going to be in the years to come

Rank Car Insurance Company Annual Insurance Rate
1 Auto Owners $871
2 Country $978
3 The Hartford $999
4 MetLife $1260
5 Central Manual $1275
6 Nationwide $1308
7 All State $1427
8 Allied $1479]

Macon Car Insurance Rate by Zip Code

Do you know why the zip code that you will input when you are getting quotations will matter? This is because most insurance companies will consider your zip code when creating a base amount. There are different places in Macon that are considered to be safer. Some areas do not have many accident-prone areas. Statistics will also show if that particular area in Macon is considered to be safe or not.

To make it easier for you, simply look for your zip code in Macon to know the average insurance rates available.

Do remember that it is not only your zip code that will determine how much insurance you have to pay annually. There are a lot of other factors that can affect your premium. Some of these factors may include the following:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Credit Score

You can research more about what things will affect the rate that you will get from the car insurance company that you choose. This will help you improve the things that you can change like installing some safety features on your vehicle. Do you know that this can considerably lower the costs of your car insurance?

Zip Code Age Male Average rate Highest Lowest
31201 30 male 1595 2346 963
31204 30 male 1549 2183 875
31206 30 male 1568 2329 963
31207 30 male 1542 2183 875
31210 30 male 1564 2380 875


Age Women Men
20s 1700 1900
30s 1300 1300
40s 1202 1283
50s 1207 1174
60s 1302 1226
70s 1540 1531

You have to realize that your age is always going to be a factor when getting the premium that you have to pay. A first-time driver will have to pay so much more as compared to someone who is already in his/her 30s. Age is just one of the factors that will determine the premiums that you have to pay but this is something that you cannot change. It is best that you know the average amount that you have to pay.

You have to remember that your insurance will start to improve and become lower by the time that you reach your mid 20s. As long as you can show that you can have a clean driving record, this will help you get a better insurance rate regardless of your age and gender.


Georgia Required Car Insurance Required Minimum Limits
Bodily Injury $50,000 per accident
Property Damage $25,000 per accident

How will you know how much coverage you are going to get? Can you imagine if you would get car insurance only to find out that the minimum is so much higher than what you have taken? These are details that will help you know just how much car insurance you actually need.

The other types of car insurance coverage available are optional. You need to know what are the add-ons that you are going to place on your car insurance coverage. Your premium will definitely be affected. Is it okay with you that you will pay a little bit more as long as you will have peace of mind? You can have an agent that will be with you every step of the way. Your insurance agent will tell you how much the increase is going to be if you add other insurance policies that are not required.

Top car insurance agents in Macon

How are you going to pick the best car insurance for you? It is not something that you can do on your own. You can maximize the car insurance that you will get with the help of the right agent. Who are the best agents in Macon?

Any of these insurance agents can provide the car insurance in Macon that you may be searching for.

PeachState Insurance

3253 Mercer University Dr #100, Macon, GA 31204


O’Neal and Associates Insurance

2357 PIO NONO AVE | MACON, GA 31206

478) 788-1104

Budget Insurance Agency

2357 Pio Nono Ave Macon, GA 31206

855-218-6308, 478-788-9188

Lader Insurance Group

Lader Insurance Group 153 New St Macon, GA 31201

(478) 743-1685

Freedom Auto Insurance

3868 Pia Nono Avenue Macon, Georgia 31206


Best Buy Insurance Agency

3937 Bloomfield Road Macon, GA 31206

478 471 0203

Velox Insurance

3431 Mercer University Dr Macon, GA 31204


TIdwell & Hilburn

5082 Forsyth Rd Macon, GA 31210


Roland Abott & DeZoort Insurance

2200 Northside Crossing Macon, GA 31210



What You Need to Know About Macon

Are you planning to move to Macon or you are generally curious about the place? If you answer yes, then you have to know as many details as you can about it.
  • Population 228,914
  • Population Density 1,742.8 people per square mile
  • Per Capital Income
  • Latitude 32.8407
  • Longitude -83.6324
  • Land Area 661 km2
  • Area code 478

Do you know that there are more Yoshino cherry trees that you can find in Macon as compared to Japan? This is one of the things that can make this place special. It also has 14 historical districts that you can visit if you are planning to tour the area. If you want to live there, you will be engulfed with the place’s rich history.

Macon used to be a place where different Native Americans live. This has obviously changed through the years but people can still visit the site where they used to thrive. It is now called Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park

With all of the details that you have learned about Macon and the car insurance that you can get, you may be ready to find the cheapest car insurance in Macon that can provide the best coverage.